Aerating in Media PA

Where is the best place to get my lawn aeration in Media Pennsylvania?

ScapeWorx Landscaping is a local provider of high-end landscaping and various other services. Get your lawn aeration in Media Pennsylvania from ScapeWorx Landscaping. From our work quality to our professional supplies and our experienced staff our team can surely help with your lawn.

Why does my homes lawn need aeration?

Over time, your homes lawn can become compacted when it is walked on or even by heavy rain throughout the year. The compacted soil overtime block essentials like water, nutrients, and oxygen from reaching your lawns root system, causing your lawn to have bare areas, disease and overtime loss of turf.

When is the best time to aerate my lawn?

Lawn aeration can be done anytime during the year but its best if preformed on your Media PA lawn in the Spring but even better if it’s in the Fall. How many times your lawn needs aerating depends on the turfs over all soil compaction. Spring aeration gives your turf a little extra boost and provides faster greening; fall aeration helps strengthen your turfs root systems while providing an excellent staging for over-seeding.

How does an aerator work to provide benefit to my lawn?

An aerator removes small plugs from the turf severing root endings and removing soil. Core aerators have a minimum soil penetration of 2 ½ – 3 inches and will be able to remove plugs anywhere from ¼ to ¾ inches in diameter. Our team at ScapeWorx Landscape Design & Maintenance work hard to ensure we get 3-inch plugs at all time providing maximum benefit.

What are the benefits of having an aeration?

When you have an aeration it immediately opens up the soil to oxygen, water, and other nutrients. The new openings will allow oxygen into the soil bettering the PH overall, and give your turfs roots the ability grow to deeper and stronger.

Over a longer period of time, aerated lawns are 70% less susceptible to things such as disease, pest, and bare areas. Having the process done annually can also reduce water retention and provide thick lush turf for years to come.

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