Sprucing Up An Overgrown Landscape


Even the most ardent of gardeners can attest that there comes a time when landscapes become overgrown and unruly. Planting a new garden or flower bed is exciting, but the constant tending quickly becomes overwhelming, and weeds and dead growth take over. Before you mow everything down and start over from scratch, consider these simple ways to turn the chaos of your overgrown landscape into a fresh new garden with minimal effort.

While these time-proven techniques won’t keep your landscape maintenance-free, they will spruce up your yard in no time.

A Clean, Defining Edge

Redefining your garden and landscape’s edge immediately gives it a fresh and tended look. Edges become quickly overgrown and undefined, which creates a disheveled appearance of flower beds and plantings. Cut a sharp delineation between your lawn and gardens to define where each begins and the other ends. This line will give this border more impact and create a focal point for the eyes that is pleasing.

Pro Tip: Continue edging around hardscapes for a greater definition of your yard.

Refresh The Mulch

Mulching is closely related to edging as it anchors your plantings into your landscape. The benefits of mulch are aesthetic and include water conservation and weed suppression. However, mulch’s rich, lush color quickly pales in the sun, and its bits get scattered about during the year, causing it to give a run-down appearance to your landscape. You will automatically revive a depressing landscape by simply updating your mulch annually.

Pro Tip: Use darker colored mulch for a higher contrast that instantly boosts run-down beddings.

Create A Path

When your landscape has overgrown to the point of no return, consider forming a path that winds through specific areas to create a purposeful feel. Some properties lend themselves to a natural look, and by adding paths and walkways, the landscape becomes a place formed by intention rather than by poor maintenance. Paths are also helpful in flower beds that have become too big to be tended; rather than pulling out shrubs and plants, you showcase them with a path of stepping stones.

Pro Tip: The sodded Paths are easily mowed or trimmed for a low maintenance effect. 

Get A Good Lawncare Team

Having good lawn care and landscaping team will help keep your yard from becoming overgrown. Your lawn care team can keep it looking fresh and beautiful once you’ve spruced up your landscape with these simple tips.