Transforming Lower Merion PA Gardens into Gourmet Groves With Edible Landscapes

The garden scene scene is about to get even more exciting with the rise of Lower Merion’s landscapes. Imagine stepping into your backyard and harvesting fresh herbs for tonight’s dinner. Maybe you would like to teach the kids where strawberries come from as you pluck them straight from the vine. Edible landscaping isn’t just about function, it’s about creating a beautiful and bountiful space that connects you to your food and the natural world.

Edible Landscapes – Lower Merion’s Perfect Harvest

Our local climate allows for a diverse range of edible delights to flourish in Lower Merion gardens. Here’s a more in-depth look at what you can grow throughout the year.

  • Spring: Enjoy a variety of lettuces like Butterhead with their tender leaves, peppery arugula for salads with a kick, vibrant asparagus spears perfect for roasting, and quick-growing radishes that add a peppery bite. These cooler months are a great time to start seeds indoors for those delicious summer crops, too!
  • Summer: The heart of the harvest. Luscious heirloom tomatoes in a rainbow of colors, plump bell peppers in green, red, and yellow, fragrant herbs like basil, oregano, and cilantro form the basis of summer meals. Enjoy easy-to-grow veggies for that quintessential summer salad.
  • Fall: Celebrate the harvest with deep orange pumpkins perfect for carving or pie. Maybe some ruby red apples crisp from the tree, or frost, hearty sweet potatoes, and a variety of winter squash. Don’t forget about planting those cool-season crops for winter too!
  • Winter: Don’t let the cold stop you! Extend your harvest with cold-tolerant vegetables. With season extension techniques like row covers, cold frames, and hoop houses, you can enjoy fresh produce even longer into the colder months.

Designing Your Edible Paradise

Upgrading your existing landscape or starting fresh doesn’t have to be overwhelming. ScapeWorx can help you navigate the process with these key factors:

  • Sunlight Availability: Different plants have varying sunlight needs. ScapeWorx will assess your yard’s sun exposure and considering total hours. We will also the changing light patterns throughout the seasons to ensure your chosen plants thrive.
  • Space Optimization: Even small yards can be edible oases. We can incorporate vertical gardening techniques like trellises for beans and cucumbers, hanging baskets for strawberries, and container gardening for herbs and lettuces. Self-watering containers are a great option for busy homeowners or those wanting to grow on a balcony or patio.
  • Plant Selection: ScapeWorx can guide you in selecting varieties that not only taste delicious but also complement your landscape’s aesthetics, your personal preferences, and your soil conditions. Even edible plants need to work with the existing landscape. Let me give you an example. While blueberries are delicious, many Lower Merion properties lack the naturally acidic soil they require.

A Feast for the Senses


Edible landscaping goes beyond just vegetables. Here are some additional elements to consider.

  • Herb Haven: Aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, and lavender add a touch of fragrance and flavor to your garden. Choose both culinary and decorative varieties. Think of the beautiful purple blooms of culinary sage, or how lemon thyme can cascade over a container’s edge.
  • Fruitful Trees: Imagine biting into a juicy apple or pear straight from your own tree, or the sweet-tart flavor of a sun-ripened peach in summer. ScapeWorx will recommend fruit tree varieties that flourish in Lower Merion’s climate. Consider dwarf varieties for smaller spaces, or try espaliered trees for their unique beauty and practicality against a sunny wall.
  • Edible Flowers: Pansies, violas, calendula, nasturtiums, and chamomile are just a few of the beautiful edible flowers that add a pop of color and can be incorporated into salads, desserts, or even refreshing drinks.
Discover the Difference with ScapeWorx

At ScapeWorx. We are passionate about making Lower Merion’s edible landscapes both beautiful and productive. We can help you source the perfect plants, design an efficient layout, and provide ongoing maintenance guidance to ensure your gourmet grove flourishes for years to come.

So, why wait? Let’s discuss transforming your Lower Merion landscaping into a delicious and delightful edible escape! Contact ScapeWorx TODAY. We are just a click or call away!