Reviving Lower Merion PA’s Heritage through Classic Landscape Design

Lower Merion Township has a rich architectural and landscaping history that has shaped its communities. If you are fortunate enough to own a home in the area, classic Lower Merion landscapes can seamlessly extend and enhance the unique character of your property, creating a beautiful tribute to the region’s timeless elegance.

Elements of Classic Lower Merion Landscapes

Certain elements define classic Lower Merion landscapes found throughout Lower Merion PA. These may include:

  • Formal Structure: Hedges, neatly trimmed borders, and geometric layouts offer a sense of order and refinement that echoes many of the area’s homes.
  • Traditional Materials: Think locally quarried stone for walkways and patios, or brick for charming walls and accents.
  • Native Plantings: Incorporate species that have graced Lower Merion landscapes for centuries, reflecting the region’s natural beauty. Consider oaks, maples, dogwoods, and rhododendrons for their lasting elegance.

Finding Inspiration in Your Home’s Architecture

Let the architectural style of your home guide your landscape design choices. A stately Colonial Revival merits a formal garden with structured boxwood hedges and classic roses. On the other hand, a Tudor-style home can be complemented with a slightly more relaxed layout featuring mixed borders and climbing ivy. Pay attention to your home’s proportions, rooflines, and materials to ensure a cohesive design.

Embracing Practicality and Enjoyment

Classic landscapes aren’t just beautiful, they’re functional too. Consider these additions.

  • Inviting Outdoor Spaces: A shaded patio becomes the perfect spot to welcome guests or savor a peaceful moment.
  • Functional Paths: Thoughtful pathways made of brick or stone guide visitors through your garden and protect delicate plantings.
  • Privacy and Screening: Well-placed trees and shrubs offer a sense of seclusion for quiet enjoyment of your outdoor space.

ScapeWorx Is Your Partner in Timeless Landscaping


At ScapeWorx, we’re passionate about helping homeowners honor the heritage of Lower Merion, PA, through thoughtful and refined landscape designs. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of classic design styles, native plant selection, and the region’s unique qualities. We can help you envision a landscape that adds value to your property while paying homage to Lower Merion’s rich history.

A Landscape Legacy for Generations to Come

By embracing classic landscape elements, you’re not just enhancing your property. You’re contributing to preserving Lower Merion’s heritage. A carefully planned landscape becomes an integral part of your home’s history, providing enjoyment for your family and adding to the enduring beauty of your neighborhood.

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