Lower Merion PA’s Landscaping Secrets Enhancing Beauty in Every Yard


With its stately homes and lush green spaces, Lower Merion is known for its eye-catching scenery. But there are always ways to take your space to the next level! Whether you have a sprawling estate or a cozy suburban lot, these landscaping secrets for Lower Merion will help you take your property to heights that you couldn’t even imagine. Just let ScapeWorx be your guide.

Playing with Color and Texture

Lower Merion’s landscaping is often defined by classic elegance, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t inject pops of personality. Consider the vast array of native plants that offer striking color and texture.


  • Blooming Beauties: The fiery red of Cardinal Flower, the sunny yellow hues of Black-eyed Susans, or the soft purple of New England Asters will add vibrancy to your garden beds.


  • Textural Delights: Ferns with their delicate fronds, ornamental grasses with their feathery plumes, and the velvety leaves of Lamb’s Ear bring textural contrast and visual interest.


The team at ScapeWorx has a keen eye for combining these colors and textures to create stunning displays. We always make sure that the displays complement your home’s architecture

Landscaping Secrets For Lower Merion – Privacy is Key!

While expansive lawns are lovely, sometimes you crave a secluded escape within your own yard. Strategic privacy plantings can achieve this:


  • Evergreen Screens: Arborvitae and Hollies provide a year-round barrier, perfect for shielding a pool area or creating a cozy place for  reading or relaxing.


  • Flowering Hedges: Lush hydrangeas or fragrant lilacs offer both privacy and seasonal beauty.


ScapeWorx can help you select the perfect plants to create a sense of intimacy without feeling closed in.

Layered Lighting


The right lighting does wonders for your landscape after dusk.  Subtle illumination highlights architectural features, adds depth to your plantings, and enhances safety along pathways. Here’s a few suggestions.


  • Uplighting: a soft radiance to showcase your trees or the architectural details of your home.


  • Path Lighting: Low-level lights guide the way without being overpowering.


  • Moonlighting: Create a soft, ethereal effect by placing lights high in trees to mimic natural moonlight.


ScapeWorx specializes in artful lighting designs that make your evenings just as enchanting as your days.

Embracing Hardscaping

The perfect Lower Merion PA landscape strikes a balance between greenery and crafted elements. Hardscaping adds structure, functionality, and year-round appeal.


  • Patios and Walkways: Locally-sourced flagstone or elegant pavers create inviting spaces for entertaining or relaxing.


  • Retaining Walls: Not only do they combat erosion on sloped properties, but they add visual dimension and provide opportunities for tiered planting beds.


  • Water Features: The soothing sound of a fountain or a reflective pond adds a touch of tranquility to your yard.


ScapeWorx’s skilled designers will work with you to incorporate hardscaping elements seamlessly blending with your home’s style.

Let ScapeWorx Guide You

Transforming your Lower Merion yard into a showstopper doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With ScapeWorx as your partner, you’ll receive expert guidance and craftsmanship at every step.  Let us help you reveal your landscape’s hidden potential and create a captivating outdoor environment that brings you joy year after year.