Why Do I Need Mulch?

Mulch Is Vital to The Health And Growth of  Your Plants, Trees, & Landscape Beds

Besides making your place look great, mulch is a great source of nutrients that will feed your plants & trees and help build your soil content. It also helps insulate your beds to keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

It’s also a wonderful weed suppressant. Blocking out the sun dramatically helps reduce those unwanted weeds that can strip the nourishments out of your soil.

It also keeps your beds insulated in the summer and winter. A moist bed in the summer will help your plants thrive without you having to water as much. Keeping your landscape beds temperature consistent also protects your plants and trees root systems from winter chills and summer heat.

Understanding  Depth

Never over apply. This can and will suffocate your plants and trees. Mulch around trees should always be “cupped” and thinner so that the base of the tree roots can let out their gasses.  You should also not under apply. This will allow sunlight to hit the beds and become a haven for weeds. It will also not help insulate  and keep your beds moist. It should always be applied between 2 and 3 inches. Anything under or over is really a waste of time and money. Building soil content helps keep your plants and trees healthy which in turn makes your property look more “well kept”

Remember, This can be your garden’s best friend. It will keep your plants happy and healthy, and make your home look amazing. It’s a small investment for a big reward!

So what are the different types of mulch?

First we have Bark which is 100% organic. Bark mulch is tree bark that is stripped off of trees creating an excellent source of nutrients for your landscape beds and tree rings. Bark mulch breaks and basically looks like dirt after roughly 1 year. Then we have Black  which most people love and of course it’s dyed. Black mulch without a doubt is the most popular mulch in our area. More homes have this than other mulch. It really makes your planting beds stand out. It also gives your place a rich elegant look. 

There is also Chocolate Brown which also is a favorite color in our area. Brown is a more natural look than black and does look very nice when installed. A lot of homeowners and property maintenance managers prefer this over the undyed mulches because the color lasts a lot longer than an undyed mulch.

There is Red which is not as popular around here but is a Florida favorite. The red mulch is known for being able to stand up to the sun’s rays. It is generally a double shredded mulch with bigger, chunkier pieces of wood. The black, brown, and bark mulches are typically triple shredded.

There is another type used around here that has no due and is called organic. We do not recommend using this because it is usually the waste that most landscapers drop off at the mulching facilities. Even though dyed is safe for your plants and trees, but a bark mulch will break down much quicker than a dyed mulch. Either way, mulch will not only make your home look great but it will also aid in feeding your plants and trees.