Watering Sod

Proper Watering and Care for your sod is very crucial during the first 10 days.

Don’t allow the sod to dry out… It must be kept wet and damp at all times.

Traffic on the sod must be limited. Do not walk on it unless absolutely necessary. Keep pets and any machinery off the sod for the first 3 weeks.

Check for any signs of disease, such as fungus, within 3 days of the sod installation. This is more likely to occur when the temperature and humidity levels are high.

Consistent Watering is Essential

THOROUGHLY SOAK the Sod when it is first installed. Be sure that the soil underneath it is wet about 3 to 4 inches down. Watering for about 30 minutes a section will usually achieve this. You can check it by pulling a corner of the sod back and sticking a screwdriver into the soil. If it’s wet at that depth your good. If not, water it some more.

The first 5 days water it evenly for 30 minutes a section twice a day. In the morning and the late afternoon or early evening. If you don’t have a sprinkler system be sure to move the hose daily so it doesn’t kill the grass that it’s laying on.

If some of the grass is turning yellow it is not getting enough water in those areas. Water more, or move your sprinkler to correct this. Be sure to water the edges and perimeter of the sod. These spots are often over looked.

When you walk on the sod you should leave a foot imprint at this stage of watering. This is normal. Check your lawn once a day and make sure everything looks right.

Sod that hasn’t gotten enough water will usually turn green again in about 7 days if it was caught and corrected soon enough.

Days 6 to 10 you can cut the watering back to 20 minutes a section. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or early evening. You should still check your lawn one time a day to make sure everything looks right. At this point you shouldn’t leave an imprint with your foot.

Days 11 to 15 cut the watering back to 15 minutes a section. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or early evening.

Days 16 to 30 you can begin watering the sod every other day for 15 minutes a section. Once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or early evening. Everything should be smooth sailing at this point.

Lawn Mowing Your New Sod

You shouldn’t mow your lawn until the 4th week and use a smaller lawn mower. Do not use a ride on lawn mower at this point. Pull on the sod before you mow. If it has a firm grip on the ground you are good to go. If not, wait one more week.

Fertilizing Your Sod

You shouldn’t fertilize your sod for at least 5 weeks. When ScapeWorx applies your sod we put down a starter fertilizer which helps the root system take hold faster. The sod we use comes fertilized for one and a half years before it is cut. We also always install sod the day it is cut for the best possible results.

Long Term Sod Care

After your sod is established REMEMBER YOUR LAWN IS A LIVING BREATHING THING which means it needs to be cared for! If you don’t use a professional lawn care service use a product like Scotts and apply it at the proper times of the year. When mowing only cut 1/3 of the grass blade off at a time. It is also good to recycle the grass clippings back into the lawn. It is equivalent to getting one to two applications of fertilizer per season.












Article by: Rob Coyle (ScapeWorx)