Getting Around Trees

In the landscaping world, you’re often looking at dealing with old-growth trees in some way or another.

The reality is that trees grow bigger as they grow older, and the other corresponding reality is that trees have to coexist with your buildings and infrastructure. That includes water and sewer lines and gas lines as well as sidewalks and curbing.

At the same time, old-growth trees are desirable in many areas.

For the past decade, conservation groups like the Ancient Forest Alliance, the Wilderness Committee and Sierra Club B.C. have all used provincial data to argue that old growth trees in the areas where the trees grow biggest are being cut down at an unsustainable rate, writes Chad Pawson at CBC News. That’s just one example of how people feel about the rate of timbering for these types of trees. 

So further south in central PA, what do you do with old-growth trees?

Cut-out Beds

One of the most popular choices is to surround the tree with a particular cut-out bed design where you exchange mowing for careful mulching, pruning and upkeep.

With the right design, you can have quite a number of plants in these beds, too, and with an attractive perimeter, you can mow right up to the bed.

The key is to get something that makes sense for your property.

Removing Old-Growth Trees

When trees are in bad shape or diseased, or becoming too big for a property, the other option is to remove them.

Homeowners and property owners may or may not select stump grinding as an option. Some people leave the stumps and decorate them, but that’s up to the aesthetic that you want for your property.

Evaluating the Tree’s Fall Zone

Here’s something that we do for homeowners that other companies often ignore.

When you’re dealing with old-growth trees, you have to look at the fall zone, and where leaves and other items fall in a yard or exterior space.

Then you plan for that accordingly.

It helps you to maintain your property better year after year, and have a cleaner, more aesthetic lawn area or other outdoor space. This is the kind of consulting and attention to detail that makes us one of the top landscaping firms in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Media, Wallingford, Chadds Ford, Thornton, and Newtown Square. In and around this area, we’re active in helping homeowners to get the most out of their properties.