The Art Of Landscape Lighting Design

Landscaping is not complete without lighting. Landscape lighting is as vital to plant life as it is to the overall aesthetics of your landscape design. In addition, lighting affects how you interact with your landscape, the safety of your property, and the curb appeal of your home. While landscape lighting may sound like a significant expense, there are many options and products on the market that give you the ability to install lighting that meets both your needs and your budget. Luckily, the professionals at ScapeWorx have mastered the art of landscape lighting and is here for the assist!

If you are planning your landscape design or hoping to add lighting to your existing outdoor spaces, here are a couple of tips that will help you illuminate your landscape.

Understand Types Of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting comes in various types, each having specific installation requirements. Low voltage, electric, solar, and LED lighting each to add their effects to your landscape while requiring varying installation levels. For example, some solar lights can be easily anchored into the ground in a simple installation process you can quickly do yourself. At the same time, more extensive hard-wired electric options may require professional assistance. 

Creating Ambience

Choose lighting options that will blend well with your home’s architectural style and the surrounding property. Lighting should create an illumination of your landscaping without standing out and detracting from the view and overall feel of the space. Enhancing interesting architectural garden structures, providing welcoming soft-lit gathering spaces, and showcasing grand trees are all ways you can create ambiance with landscape lighting.

Consistency Is Key

Choose a landscape lighting lane and stay in it. Mixing too many varieties of lighting styles and fixtures can cause your property to seem chaotic and disorganized, lowering its curb appeal. Lighting fixtures should blend well with your landscape and not distract from its appearance. You can pick a few options within a specific look or style to change it up while remaining consistent in the aesthetic.

Strategically Plan Placement

Consider your overall landscape design when deciding on the placement lighting. You can designate needs versus wants and plan your budget accordingly. Determine what is most important to you, such as well-lit walkways and ambient light for entertaining, and map out how you interact with each of these spaces. Having a strategy will help you narrow down your choices without overwhelming your outdoor spaces or your wallet.

Enlist Professional Landscaping Assistance Landscape lighting is like most any type of property design in that enlisting the help of professionals can significantly increase the overall success of your project. Landscape designers can help you narrow your focus and provide options for your landscape lighting that inspire you to create a unique and beautiful property.