5 possible reasons why your lawn could be flooding!!!

Your yard is something to be proud of. After putting effort and time into caring for your lawn, the last thing you want is for  excess water to strip away your soil and drown your plants. Once you have found the perfect look for your lawn, don’t let it get washed away. At ScapeWorx we are here to help you with all of your flooding issues.

Here are some helpful tips on how your lawn could be suffering from flooding.

1. Neighbors

While it is unkind, occasionally neighbors will implement solutions to their own flooding problem that send the problem to someone else. Either intentionally or on purpose, neighbors may choose to grade their lawn in such a way that it runs out of their yard and into yours. Overflow of extra water for their plants can become a problem for your lawn.


In Philadelphia, the weather is difficult to predict. We are used to rain and snow but when the rain or melted snow accumulates in your lawn, it can have a harmful effect on your yard’s ability to drain.

3. Your House is at Bottom of the Hill

If you live at the bottom of a hill, rain levels could be a big factor in water damage. A low level of elevation presents a set of challenges that are difficult to correct on your own. Our certified experts have experience in dealing with this type of drainage issue in Glen Mills.

4. Improper Grading

If the slope of your yard is not angled properly for maximum drainage, water will get stuck there until it evaporates, which can take a while. There are a number of ways to fix this problem, from installing a sump pump or French drain, to tackling the root of the problem and correcting the grade itself. Whichever solution you choose, our drainage experts in Philadelphia will be ready to talk with you.

5. Soil Issues

Certain types of soil do not absorb water as well as others. Clay, for example, has particles that cling together and don’t let water through. To help from being waterlogged you can mix organic content, such as compost or you could call us for an estimate on drainage channel.

In closing if you are having trouble with your lawn flooding give us a ring. We are more then willing to come out and get you the answers you are looking for.

If you need our help getting your drainage issues resolved once and for all call the name you can TRUST – ScapeWorx we are a local landscaping company based out of Glen Mills, PA. You can also call us at 484-684-5500 or click here for a free estimate.